Dream Music

Created By: Marc Donahue & Sean Michael Williams
Please email me if you have questions, future work -
Dream Music, Part 1 is a creative video we both made on the fly. There was no real purpose to the video but to experiment with different camera techniques, have a good time, and blow the minds of the viewers. What a little brainstorming can do;) Please contact us if you would like to be in any of our future videos. We plan on making a bunch of these.

Dedicated to James Cole - R.I.P. buddy (face on red shirt)

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Cool info - those are light streaks after he eats the cupcake which means we were taking those pictures in pitch black with a flash and a 10 sec exposure. I probably tripped ten times running around in the dark making those streaks...

Equipment Used:
Canon 5D Mark2
Canon 60D
Lenses - Canon 50mm 1.4, Canon 70-200 2.8, Sigma 24-70 2.8, Sigma 15mm 2.8 fisheye
Promote Remotes - intervalometers
Dynamic Perception Stage Zero

1. The Glitch Mob - Fortune Days
2. Jay-Z - Why I Love You
3. Amp Live - Video Tapez (ft. Del), Radiohead
4. Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness
after credits - Glitch Mob - Bad Wings

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twitter -!/PermaGrinFilms
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